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Gwen(dolynne) [userpic]
biiiiggg link dump
by Gwen(dolynne) (crushedmidnight)
at December 26th, 2007 (06:58 pm)

So hai guyz...

Like some of you may, I collect tons of bookmarks of fanart that I like. And for me at least, much of it features male tears. I wish I could save all this beautiful art to my computer and then post it here with photobucket, but this would certainly break netiquette pretty badly.

So, I present to you, mybookmarks!!!


If anyone would like to add to this, email me for the password and login.

Contained within is art from Doctor Who, Harry Potter, House and South Park, as well as general sites of scientific studies, blogs and the like.

All art is (c) its creator- not me, not you. I do not take responsibility if you screw around with it, but please don't anyway. All art may contain spoilers for everything, especially the last Harry Potter book. Much of it is slashy, especially House and South Park.

Have fun!!!