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boys DO cry

supporting overly-emotional athletes, and your crush on David Tennant

Pretty Boys & Pretty Tears
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This is an interactive community founded in January 2006 by chuckjd and currently maintained by chuckjd and crushedmidnight. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a group dedicated to boys who cry and LJers who love it when they do. It is, at the moment, the ONLY group of its kind. That’s right, people. You’re a part of something special now.

Simple Rules

1) This community is not an “anything goes” community, in the sense that we will not accept anything gratuitously violent or sexual. We do not screen posts, but if your contributions are inappropriate, we will ask you to remove them. Also, no inappropriate stuff with minors.

2) That said, we’re a very lenient community. Material can be of men from any fandom- popular, obscure or in-between- and also of any male celebrities, like musicians, athletes, actors out of character, etc. All we ask is that you do not post pictures of your friends, boyfriends, brothers, and the like, just for safety reasons. Also, no one else will know who they are.

3) While this is primarily a community for pictures/ screenshots, we will accept (fan)art, videos, excerpts from or recommendations for books or (fan)fiction, etc. Just always be courteous and give credit where credit is due. Who took those screencaps? Who wrote that fic?

4) All pictures behind cuts. No exceptions. Please post NSFW outside the cut if applicable.

5) Standard niceness rules apply.

Questions may be asked at the FAQ thread.